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I will never matter to anyone, ever.

— 2 days ago with 1 note

*spontaneous combustion due to boredom*

something to do

— 3 days ago
#bored  #im on fire  #melting  #like a wet witch  #hullo 
Anonymous asked: Perfect


what’s perfect?

— 1 week ago
Anonymous asked: You should grow out your hair and wear it in a ponytail. And keep your facial hair to a minimum. I think youd look rad


uh thanks, maybe I will stranger

— 1 week ago
Anonymous asked: draw me like one of your french girls


I dont draw grey circles :D

— 2 weeks ago

I love my brother

had a full on debate and argument cause I said photo realistic pencil drawings, although technically amazing, I do not find them that impressive or interesting.

I think I won B)

— 2 weeks ago with 1 note
#they just aint that amazing